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Life After Lima (Part 25)

Warning: Things Are Going to Start Heating Up In Here

They return to the breakfast nook and Kurt goes to get the bowl out of the refrigerator. He ponders for a moment getting out bowls and dishing out the dessert and then figures what the hell, it’s just going to be the two of them eat it and grabs two spoons out of the drawer and returns to the bistro table. Sebastian quirks an amused brow at the sight and Kurt shrugs.

“Why dirty another dish. We’ve kissed, French kissed at that - I think sharing saliva should be the least of our worries.” Kurt chuckles.

“Not going to hear any complaints from me.” Sebastian says with an amused grin.

Kurt opens the container and hands a spoon to Sebastian before taking a seat and getting himself a spoonful of chocolate goodness. When he took that first sample, his eyes fluttered closed and a soft moan fell from his lips. Sebastian’s eyes sharply flickered to Kurt - that moan. God. And Kurt didn’t even know. His eyes were closed, he couldn’t see how that reaction affected Sebastian.

“Are you going to moan like that with every bite?” Sebastian teases playfully.

Kurt’s eyes open and a light blush settles across his skin… “I hadn’t realized… and I… I don’t think so.”

“Good because if you keep making that beautiful, tempting sound I won’t be held responsible for what wickedness it inspires me to.”

Kurt giggles at that. He couldn’t help it. It was flattering though to know that he could inspire such desire in Sebastian. His confidence in his own sex appeal was getting better but it was still nowhere near as secure as Sebastian’s was. Of course this also meant that he could not truly help himself, nor stop himself when at the next spoonful of dessert, he allowed another moan to pass from his lips. Only this time, his eyes were wide open and focused on Sebastian - waiting for reaction.

He was not disappointed. Sebastian’s green eyes had darkened and focused on him. His desire was easily read upon his face. He had seemed mildly surprised when he’d noticed Kurt’s eyes were open. Then his lips twitched into a smirk. “Tempting fate, K?”

“Perhaps, Bas… what of it?”

“I think we should set some ground rules before we lose ourselves in a moment we can’t get out of.”

“Agreed. What ground rules would you like?” Kurt inquires.

“No sex tonight. As much as I would enjoy it… I think we should give ourselves more time before we get to that point - even if we both really, really want it. That being said however, I believe that if we wanted to go beyond mere kissing that we should allow ourselves to. We nearly did on Sunday. There is something intense between us, K… and I want to explore that more - don’t you?” Sebastian asks.

Kurt nods. “I agree. No full out sex tonight but perhaps if we end up getting heated again, we should allow ourselves the option to more fully explore the developing dynamic. But how far is too far - for tonight?” Kurt inquires.

Sebastian gives that query genuine consideration. “How much clothing are you permitting be lost?”

“I don’t know.”

“Will it just be making out and exploring with hands over clothing? Will there perhaps be handjobs? Or blowjobs? Set boundaries now while we’re still capable of clear thought…” Sebastian states, his tone threaded with the beginnings of lust.

“What are you comfortable with, Bas?”

“Anything and everything K. I told you that. Which is why I’m deferring to you at the moment. Sexuality is much more comfortable for me. I’m at ease there and I’m not saying you’re so uncomfortable that you wouldn’t want to talk about it… But between the two of us, I’m the one who was promiscuous. I’m the one who was all about sex. I love all aspects of sexual intimacy so I am more than willing to let you draw the lines in the sand and abide by them…. for now.” Sebastian explains unable to help the smirk at the end.

Kurt ponders that carefully. He was still somewhat self conscious and that was something he could only overcome with time. But he wanted - GaGa how he wanted. He wanted so much and so desperately it was still hard for him to handle in all honesty. Sebastian’s ease and comfort with sexual topics was greater than his own. Kurt enjoyed sex, liked it a lot and was much more comfortable with it now than he had been once upon a time - but he was still more private and reserved about it.

Kurt bit his lower lip… and decided honesty was best right now. “I want… so much, Bas. So very much. I want and desire you so much it scares me. I’m more comfortable now than I ever was with sex and I do enjoy it… yet I cannot quite let go of the mental hang up about all of this happening so quickly. I want to, I really do - you have no idea how much but I cannot change the way I think I suppose. I want nothing more than to devour every inch of your tanned, toned form with eyes then lips and mouth and tongue and to feel skin against skin… The small part of me that will perhaps always be a prude wants to demand we relegate ourselves to remaining within clothing but the larger part of me wants to know just what hides behind the clothing you wear. I don’t want to restrict us, I don’t want to limit us, I want to experience everything and savor it… but we also both have class tomorrow and I’m just not sure how to handle feeling all this desire so intensely and so quickly.” Kurt admits.

“So a compromise then. We get into things we go as far as we’re comfortable with and if you want to stop, we stop. Sure there might be minor complaining - but blue balls tend to have that effect. There won’t be any resentful feelings, we’ll just deal with it. But you keep talking like that, Kurt and I’m really going to have trouble with believing you even want there to be boundaries.” Sebastian says, his tone lust darkened.

“I don’t want them - not really… but I told you, I don’t know how to let go of them. Every relationship I’ve been in, every bit of intimacy I’ve been part of, has progressed a certain way and after a certain amount of time. Moon’s advice makes sense and I want to give in to it… I really do. But I don’t know how. I’ve never felt this intensely before. I never thought I would feel this way about anyone, Bas. I never felt this way about Blaine… but you do something to me and I don’t know what to do.” Kurt confesses.

They had both stopped eating the dessert and really, Sebastian was done… He took the lid, covered the dessert and put it back in Kurt’s refrigerator, dropping the spoons off in the sink along the way. He returns to his seat and studies Kurt for several long moments. He took in the information - it was certainly interesting that Kurt didn’t want boundaries. He wasn’t surprised that Kurt didn’t know how to handle this intensity. In all honesty, he wasn’t really sure he knew how to either but he wanted it and he was more experienced at dealing with things of this nature than Kurt was. So he made a decision.

Sebastian leveled his gaze on Kurt. He waited until Kurt looked up, those oceanic eyes locking with emerald and then Sebastian held that look, allowing his desire and want to register clearly. He allowed that to set the tone for the moment. “Do you trust me Kurt?” Sebastian asks, his voice low but sincere.

“Yes.” Kurt replies, his voice breathy - obviously affected.

“Then let me take the lead tonight. I promise if you ask me, I will stop… but unless you ask me to stop the only boundary I won’t cross tonight is the one we’ve already set.”


“Show me to your bedroom, K.” Sebastian says in a lighter, more playful tone.

Kurt nods and rises from his seat, turning towards the closed door that led to his bedroom. It was understated, but tasteful. It was like some refined spa retreat - clean lines, uncluttered. There were some decorative elements but they were organic and worked in the space. There was something calming about the room. Though the bed looked to be a decadent nest that would have one unwilling to leave its sanctuary. Sebastian was admittedly impressed.

Sebastian steps fully into the room and shuts the door behind them. He could tell Kurt was nervous and he couldn’t really blame him. This was a new level of things between them… but knowing that Kurt wanted this had made the decision easy. He knew how Kurt came alive once they got in the moment - it was just getting him to the moment. Sebastian didn’t mind leading the way down the sensual path. He was sure that once they got past this initial awkwardness that was blocking Kurt, that his boyfriend would become much more at ease with everything and things would likely get much more interesting from there.

He stepped closer, reaching out and taking Kurt’s hand into his own, intertwining their fingers first. Kurt’s eyes flickered from their joined hands and up to Sebastian’s eyes. “I am here, Kurt. I am in this. I want, I desire just as much as you do. I care about you and I am not going to hurt you… So trust me and let go.” Sebastian urges, his voice low, the tone seductive and so easy to listen to and it stirs things inside Kurt making his breath catch.

Kurt nods, almost imperceptibly but Sebastian was nearly staring at him so he caught the movement. Sebastian used their linked hands to pull Kurt close to him. His free hand slowly reached up to cup Kurt’s cheek. He smiled when the shorter man leaned into the touch. Slowly, Sebastian leaned in, brushing his lips against Kurt’s. Kurt’s eyes fluttered closed and he pressed more into the kiss. The kiss when from soft, almost chaste to much more passionate. Kurt allowed all the desire he felt flood through the contact point of their lips and it left Sebastian almost breathless..

The power of the desire between them shot straight to Sebastian’s core and already he was aching. There was fire between them and when they got together it was like gasoline was being poured on it. It was intoxicating and consuming. They stood there kissing for several long heartbeats before Sebastian broke the kiss. They were both flushed, both trying to catch their breath and it was beautiful. “Do you trust me?” Sebastian asks, leaning in to allow his words to gently caress Kurt’s ear.

“Yes.” Kurt nearly breathes his response.

Still holding Kurt’s hand in his, Sebastian moves, leading him to the bed. He sits and pulls Kurt to do the same… They sit there in silence for a moment - Sebastian pausing mostly to keep his own control. He would not cross the singular boundary they had agreed upon but he was already affected in the moment and he needed to catch his breath, regain his calm. Until they finally did have sex for the first time together, Sebastian was intent on showing Kurt just how much he had changed, evolved, grown. He wanted to show Kurt that he could love, could cherish, could appreciate… It was hard keeping that kind of control on himself, but it was how it had to be, how Sebastian wanted it to be… because Kurt meant so much more to him than he could explain.

“I want to know you, Kurt - without the barriers, without the walls… and I want you to know me in return. Laid bare before each other, nothing to hide behind and only truth left to show. Vulnerable with and to each other… to show you that I trust you and that you can trust me in return. Is that alright with you?” Sebastian inquires. He keeps his voice soft, gentle, though his tone is colored with the desire he feels. His eyes roam over Kurt’s face as he watches his boyfriend take in the information, process it and the emotions that play across the planes as it all hits Kurt.

Kurt’s eyes go soft and an almost shy smile plays upon his lips. “I would like that.” He says quietly, his voice barely above a whisper, adding even more to the intimacy of the moment. He had never realized that vulgar Sebastian could be so eloquent and he was also shocked that in the heat of the moment Bas retained his faculties enough to speak in such a beautiful way. The more he got to know of this Sebastian, the more he liked him, the harder he fell. Somehow he couldn’t bring himself to mind.

Sebastian smiled at those words and his mind raced to figure out how best to go about this… He figured it would be easiest to tell Kurt what he intended and then allow Kurt to decide if he accepted that or to draw a boundary… “I will go slowly… as difficult as it may be to maintain that kind of control. I want to show you that this is important to me, that you are important to me. I will keep the playing field as even as I can. If I remove an article of your clothing, I will then either allow you to remove the same from me or do so myself - you can be as active a participant in this as you like… Or you can just enjoy the ride for now.” Sebastian says in a light but playful tone.

“I intend to ultimately bare us both to each other unless you draw a line. If you do not draw a line… I will take time to learn the planes of your body with hands and lips and tongue. I want to feel you, to taste you, to know you - all of you Kurt. To learn as much as I can before we take the step and become completely intimate with each other. If you place no further boundaries upon us, then before the night is over I will have pleasured you with hands and lips and tongue… I want to learn what turns you on, what feels best to you… I want to learn how to play your body like a lyre and have you break down in the most beautiful of ways, wanton and writhing beneath me.” Sebastian’s voice is set now at a seductive purr and it sends shivers up and down Kurt’s spine.

“If you wish to reciprocate I will gladly lay back and allow you to learn me in the same manner. It should be mutual between us… If there is something you desire, you need only ask. If you get overwhelmed and need to slow down or stop do not hesitate to tell me so. I want you here in this moment completely and if you feel yourself slipping and getting too lost, I will pull you back. Are these terms acceptable to you? If there is anything you don’t want, tell me now and I will honor the boundary… If not, then I will not stop until I have completed that which I’ve told you I intend to accomplish - unless you stop me in the moment and tell me you do not wish to go further. At any time you can stop me, and I won’t be mad. Sometimes we don’t know we aren’t ready for something until we’re in the moment and that’s fine. I don’t want you to think that you have to do anything because I want to. If you’re not ready then we won’t okay?” Sebastian asks.

Kurt takes in that information, his body already aching from the mental images born from Sebastian’s words. Such a searing, scalding surge of want raced through his blood… He swallows hard, his hand squeezing Sebastian’s as he asserts control over himself once again. His eyes were darkened to that blue tinted gunmetal, the pupils were already starting to eclipse the iris and in Sebastian’s opinion at this moment there was nothing hotter than seeing the pure desire on Kurt’s face.

No one had ever spoken to Kurt in such a way before and fuck if it wasn’t hot. Just hearing what Sebastian wanted and intended to do to him tonight had him nearly panting. “Your terms are acceptable and I want to do similar to you… even if I get overwhelmed in the moment and we stop… I… I want you to stay the night, Sebastian.” Kurt confesses.

Sebastian was a little caught off guard by that but pleased. It showed how much Kurt trusted him and he was glad to know it. “I would like that. So, are you ready to start our night together?” Sebastian inquires, giving Kurt one last opportunity to stop this or put boundaries in effect.

“I am so beyond ready to start this you have no idea.” Kurt confesses, his tone lower, roughened with the desire that’s burning in his blood. His voice turned into a much sexier kind of purr.

“Good.” Is all Sebastian says in response to that, leaning in to pull Kurt into a much more passionate kiss.

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