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Life After Lima (Part 26)

Warning For Mature Content Within.

As Sebastian deepened the kiss, he disentangled his hand from Kurt’s, bringing it up to one shoulder and his other hand to Kurt’s other shoulder. He allowed his hands to slowly slip down from Kurt’s shoulders down his arms and then trace the path back up. His hands then moved down Kurt’s chest. When they got to the bottom of the tunic that Kurt had on, his hands gathered the fabric and slowly began lifting it - raising it higher and higher until he had to break the kiss to pull Kurt’s shirt off over his head.

Kurt was a little breathless from the kiss which distracted him from the usual discomfort he would feel being at all exposed to a new person for the first time. Sure, Sebastian had seen him shirtless before but this was in a different context entirely. Kurt was trying to catch his breath and Sebastian was taking in the sight of a shirtless Kurt. His eyes roamed over the lean, toned chest in front of him. Kurt had a toned stomach, not fully defined but well - he had a dancer’s body all lean muscle. It was hot.

Kurt’s eyes finally lifted to meet Sebastian’s. Bas’s eyes were darkened with desire and he was looking at Kurt like he wanted to devour him… Kurt had to swallow hard at the sight of that. Sebastian arched a brow at Kurt, smirking a little. He wondered idly if Kurt would get the subtle hint or if he was just a little caught in the moment. When Kurt didn’t seem to get it, Bas took Kurt’s hands in his own and led them to the hem of the t-shirt he was wearing. Kurt’s eyes widened slightly in shock and softened to realization.

Even ground. If Kurt didn’t want to, Sebastian would do it himself, but he wanted to give Kurt the opportunity to participate in this. Kurt got the second hint and started tugging at Sebastian’s t-shirt and the look in his eyes? Totally fucking sexy. Sebastian was gradually coming to understand just how much Kurt wanted, how much he desired. He was finally getting how intense this was for Kurt and it was beautiful. Kurt was beautiful and fucking hot and… oh…

Momentary distraction came as the shirt was tossed aside and Kurt began trailing kisses down Sebastian’s throat, down his clavicle and over his chest… Sebastian’s breath caught. This was not the plan… well not yet. This was supposed to be after he’d made Kurt fall apart beneath him and gave him ample time to recover. He had to say however that he liked the initiative that Kurt was showing - oh yes, indeed. He was definitely not going to complain about Kurt showing initiative - not yet anyway. But he did fully intend to take control and do as he had promised.

Sebastian allowed himself to revel in the sensations for a little bit of time. His own eyes closing, his own lips allowing sounds of enjoyment to freely pass into the air between them but he could not allow Kurt to keep distracting him from his task. A hand reached out to cup Kurt’s chin and to bring him back up. Sebastian’s lips claimed Kurt’s with a near ferocity - asserting a dominance in the moment. Sebastian could not help the smirk that came to his lips at the moan that the domineering kiss pulled from Kurt.

When the kiss broke again, Sebastian once more took a moment to appreciate Kurt’s form. “Move more fully onto the bed.” Came the lust roughened words - not quite a command but not a simple statement either.

Kurt hesitated only for a moment before he moved onto the bed and up towards the center of it - leaving plenty of room to work with - perfect. Sebastian turned from where he was seated on the edge of the bed and then began to crawl his way up to Kurt. He smirked as he noticed Kurt watching him - unable to look away. The way Kurt’s eyes got just that little bit darker, the way he absently licked his lips? Totally hot.

Kurt watched, enrapt, as Sebastian crawled closer - stalking up the bed like a panther or something. There was just something languid and yet so sexy in the movement. He was suddenly very glad to be in yoga pants and not his usual skinny jeans. It just wasn’t fair - Sebastian being so sexy. Sebastian didn’t stop until he could claim Kurt’s lips in another soul-searing kiss.

Sebastian’s hands roamed, played and caressed across the bared skin before him as though he were trying to learn Kurt’s form by Braille. He kissed and nipped his way down Kurt’s neck, eliciting soft moans from his boyfriend’s lips. Sebastian made mental notes of all of the things which pulled such delectable responses from Kurt. He kissed a path down one collar bone and across the other. Already Kurt was being far more vocal than he usually was in such encounters.

Maybe it was Sebastian, or maybe it was something else entirely - but none of his previous partners had ever been like this with Kurt. There had been romance… there had been sexual intimacy… but this was a side of passion Kurt had never known. Foreplay had never felt so intense. There had been teasing, pleasing, but never before had such simple things felt so intense, never before had a lover been so… detailed. Sure, Sebastian had said he was going to take his time, but Kurt hadn’t realized just how he’d meant those words.

How could he have known? He’d only had a passing knowledge of Sebastian’s sex life. It had only ever gone so far as to know that Sebastian was a fan of the twenty minute relationship. So needless to say, Kurt was completely unprepared for this slow, seductive sensory assault. His head fell back more fully onto his pillow and more soft moans fell from Kurt’s lips as Sebastian progressed his way downward.

Sebastian allowed his gaze to flicker up to Kurt’s face now and then as he worked. He loved watching Kurt falling apart little by little. He was pretty sure that Kurt had never expected anything like this from him. While a good portion of the sex Sebastian had indulged in high school was little more than mutual masturbation, that had not been the extent of his experience. Time spent in France had afforded him lovers who had preferred to allow sex to come slowly, after rounds of delicious intimate torture.

With that, and the few boyfriends Sebastian had had, he had become quite the skilled and versatile lover. While he knew and understood that Kurt enjoyed romance, Sebastian’s version there of had a decidedly more passionate bent. Sebastian couldn’t help himself, he had always been a much more sexually driven entity. He loved sex, enjoyed it, prided himself on being a very skilled lover. Usually however, he gave in to his libido and not the full of his passion. Lovers might get glimpses, but Kurt was going to be perhaps the first to get the full of Sebastian’s passion - and they weren’t even going to have sexual intercourse tonight.

While there was that one boundary he would honor, all else was fair game in Sebastian’s opinion. Sure, he wanted to take Kurt and have Kurt take him in return but consider this foreplay - level epic. Just through use of his varied skills at pleasuring a lover without needing to be so intimately joined, Sebastian intended to blow Kurt’s mind. Seduction by degrees was the name of the game and by the end of this encounter, Sebastian intended to own Kurt, body - mind - heart and soul. After all, he did nothing halfway.

He slowly kissed and nipped and licked his way over the toned lines of Kurt’s chest. He paid special attention to those sensitive buds, lavishing them with attention until they came to stiffened, oversensitive peaks which forced a gasp and a moan to come from Kurt’s lips when they were paid further attention. Already Kurt was whimpering and trembling and Sebastian had barely even begun. Clearly, Kurt’s other lovers just hadn’t been up to snuff. But then again, Sebastian was in a class all his own.

Lips touched to skin in a pattern of press - touch - taste. Teeth joined in, nipping and enjoying the gasps. The slightest flicks of his tongue teased Kurt’s skin and senses and gave Sebastian a taste of his boyfriend. It was all around pretty intoxicating. Kurt’s abs weren’t so sharply defined as Sebastian’s were - a difference in being lean and toned like a dancer and being cut from years of rigorous training. It didn’t matter though because Sebastian paid the same detailed attention to every fine line of musculature along Kurt’s stomach.

" ‘Bas!" Kurt gasped, he was already panting and aching, his blood singing - nearly screaming with the want that Sebastian was brewing within him.

"Patience, K. I told you I want to know you, to learn you, to taste you… I was not lying. I warned you before that I do nothing halfway… And I certainly do not shortchange intimacy." Sebastian says in a dark purr and a whimper falls from Kurt’s lips in response. As Sebastian’s fingertips teased along the waistband of those yoga pants, Kurt’s hands began to twine in his duvet.

Sebastian paused for a moment to lean up and press a kiss to Kurt’s lips. Kurt surged into the kiss, upping the passion of it several degrees. His body felt like it was on fire from the desires that Sebastian was stoking to life inside him and he needed to express it - as much as he was trying somewhat to control himself. This was a heavenly kind of hell. Sebastian smirked against Kurt’s lips and broke the kiss, keeping close enough for Kurt to almost feel his lips. “May I?” Sebastian asks, teasing along the waistband again.

"Yes… please…" Kurt whimpers in a breathy tone. Sebastian smirks at the needy response, gives Kurt a quick kiss and then slips back down to where he’d been before he’d paused.

Slowly, Sebastian begins to peel those yoga pants from Kurt’s body. First revealed are the black silk boxers and the sizable strain against the fabric. As much as Sebastian wants to give in and attend that arousal, he forces himself to turn away from it - for the moment. Strong, creamy thighs are revealed next… then toned calves and finally the material is pulled free and tossed aside. Sebastian rocks back onto his heels and takes in the sight of Kurt in nothing but black silk boxers - which provide a stark contrast against the miles of cream before his vision.

"God, you’re beautiful." The words fall from Sebastian’s lips unbidden but the sincerity, the fierceness of honest desire in them cannot be denied. A lovely blush creeps over Kurt’s luminously pale skin then and he turns to partially hide his face in his pillow.

"Hey… hey none of that. You’ve no reason to be embarrassed Kurt. God, if I’d known you were hiding a body this magnificent under your clothes, I would have tried to get my hands on you ages ago. Don’t you remember the memory that was shared with you? Us, at the pool? I thought you were gorgeous then and the two years since have only helped. You’re more toned now… you’re just… gorgeous." Sebastian marvels aloud and Kurt finally looks at him again, a shy smile on his lips.

Sebastian returns to task. He decides this time to level the playing field himself. He slowly removes the casual jeans he’d been wearing, giving Kurt just the slightest bit of a teasing show. An amused look settles over Kurt’s face as he watches, obviously enjoying it. When the jeans are finally dropped to the floor beside the bed, Sebastian is left in a pair of charcoal silk boxers - apparently he and Kurt have similar taste. He allows Kurt’s eyes to roam his form for a few moments before running his hands up Kurt’s calves, delighting in the response it gets him.

Kurt was very responsive, so expressive and nothing thrilled Sebastian more than a responsive lover. Every gasp, sigh, whimper and moan was like crack to him - addictive and only served to spur him on that much more. He continued to allow his hands to caress and massage Kurt’s feet, calves and thighs - all the while staying away from that straining arousal. There was a purpose to this madness after all. He leaned up, kissing and licking a trail across Kurt’s chest again, reveling in the gasps and moans that drew from Kurt.

Kurt must be somewhat physically hypersensitive - that was the only explanation for just how much the attention was making him react. Sebastian certainly wasn’t going to complain about that. It just made things that much better in his opinion. Sebastian himself had always been a fairly vocal and expressive lover - when you spent your time getting the deed done as quick as possible you had to maximize your efforts… Of course that also meant that when he had the time to draw things out, Sebastian could be evil.

Kurt felt like he was slowly losing his mind. It felt like every nerve ending in his body was awake and on some kind of fire. It was like he was just one big live wire and everywhere Sebastian touch just set off a shower of sparks. Kurt tried to restrain himself, tried to hold out against the pleasurable onslaught but he knew he was fighting a losing battle. He was painfully aroused and he was getting closer and closer to just begging Sebastian to take him or at least do something.

Kurt’s breathing hitches and catches between the whimpers and moans. It’s a chorus of soft needy noises that only make Sebastian ache just that much more. He couldn’t help but love a responsive lover. Every moan, every whimper just fed the fire that much more. Sebastian wanted to learn all of the sounds Kurt could make in the throes of pleasure and wanted to learn every last button to set them off and bring the pale man before him to such vibrant life. It was quickly becoming an addiction and Sebastian couldn’t deny it. Every little sound made him want Kurt that much more.

Sebastian continued plying Kurt’s body with wickedly teasing caresses, licks, kisses and nips - carefully - strategically avoiding the one place Kurt wanted that attention focused most. If just foreplay could get Kurt writhing so much that the duvet was hopelessly mussed, Sebastian was intrigued to ponder what sex would do. The one boundary they wouldn’t be crossing tonight. They pause to allow Sebastian to remove the top layer of covers from the bed. There was still the fitted sheet for Kurt to clutch at.

The moment’s pause allowed Kurt to catch his breath though it did little to help him regain any focus. How was it that Sebastian was so good at this? Was it just the sheer amount of experience? Or was this just some skill that Sebastian was gifted with? It was mind boggling on several levels and for several reasons that Kurt just didn’t have the neurons to ponder at the moment. But holy fuck! He wasn’t normally so vulgar - especially not in the bedroom but really? Holy fuck.

Sebastian picks up right where he’d left off and soon, Kurt is lost again in the haze of pleasure and sensation. His mind and senses left to reel from the tsunami of pleasure that Sebastian is plying him with. Seriously, he was drowning in it. He was completely at Sebastian’s mercy. All conscious thought was abandoned - he couldn’t have held on to it if he’d wanted to. Right now, all he wanted was to feel everything Sebastian wanted to deal to him.

Sebastian could tell the exact moment that Kurt finally gave in and let go. The energy in the room seemed to shift. He’d figured that Kurt had been trying to control himself, to temper his reactions. Even as expressive as he’d been, Sebastian could tell that Kurt had been holding back. The moans were too quiet, the other sounds just too restrained to be the product of wild abandon. But the moment Kurt gave in, let go of the taught leash he’d held around the part of himself he’d been trying and failing to guard? Everything got that much hotter for Sebastian.

This time, when he pulled away from Kurt’s body, the other male whimpered, eyes open in half-lidded protest. “Bas…” Kurt whined in protest. The sound so needy, so wanton and fuck if it didn’t just go straight to Sebastian’s own arousal and make it throb that much more. Fuck. Sebastian didn’t have much control left - he knew that. He could feel himself slipping. He takes a few slow, deep breaths, releasing them even slower still to try and center himself again. But the absolutely wrecked look in Kurt’s eyes is testing him sorely.

" ‘Bas…. please." Kurt pants. His voice so full of desire and need and want that Sebastian was really cursing the fact that they’d agreed to not have sex tonight. Yes, there were still several things that they could and would do but seeing Kurt’s pupils blown wide with lust, hearing the need and want in his tone? It made Sebastian want to pin Kurt to the bed and fuck him until they both lost their minds and found their sanity in the wake of each other’s orgasms.

With a growl of lust, Sebastian pulled himself back to some measure of composed. It was difficult - very difficult, but he knew it would be worth it. He had set himself to a task tonight and he would see it through. He needed to show Kurt that he was in this, that he meant what he’d said. More importantly than that, Sebastian wanted to show Kurt just how much the man with the oceanic shifting gaze truly meant to him. Sensuality was Sebastian’s language - it was where his truth always showed and he wanted to share that with Kurt.

He moved up Kurt’s body, keeping himself carefully balanced so that there wouldn’t be any unplanned contact. Kurt was panting, trying to catch his breath. Sebastian watched Kurt’s Adam’s apple bob as the countertenor swallowed hard. Sebastian placed a stinging kiss to Kurt’s Adam’s apple, which pulled a whimpered moan from Kurt’s lips. Sebastian trailed kisses from where he’d leaned in, along beneath Kurt’s jaw and up to his left ear. “One article of clothing left Kurt. Nothing but boxers between us. Shall I remove them and bare you fully to my view? Or will this be where you finally draw the line?” Sebastian inquires, his voice a low, heady purr.

Just the sound of that purring tone at his ear pulled another whimper from Kurt’s lips. He was so overly sensitive now. His whole body was throbbing, aching, needing contact. Kurt licked his lips, swallowing hard trying to gather himself enough to respond. “Please… Sebastian.” Kurt pleads.

Sebastian smirked at that response. “Please what? Please stop? Please continue? Articulate it, if you want it Kurt.” Sebastian teases. His voice still quiet, still a seductive purr.

"No more teasing." Kurt breathes.

"That’s still not very clear, Kurt."

Now, Kurt was getting frustrated and a spark of fire lit in his eyes. “Damn it ‘Bas…” He growls.

Sebastian chuckles. “Articulate it.”

Kurt cocks an eyebrow at the two words that sound very much like a command. A smirk quirks his own lips as he decides to show off just a touch of his own flexibility and maneuvers himself within the scant space Sebastian has left him to divest himself of the goddamned boxers. His sudden shift in initiative catches Sebastian momentarily off guard. The sight of Kurt completely naked beneath him makes his mouth go dry and his own arousal twitch.

How Kurt managed to contain such an impressive example of masculinity in those skinny jeans of his, Sebastian would never know. Kurt’s arousal was just a little larger than should be proportionate for his build…. It was thicker than Sebastian had imagined it would be as well. Right now, Kurt was also probably as hard as he would ever get and damn if Sebastian didn’t just want to wrap his lips around it and taste…. Fuck. Control Sebastian… control….

Fuck control. Eloquence and romantic passion were starting to slip rapidly from Sebastian’s grasp. A low rumbling growl came from Sebastian’s lips as he seized Kurt’s lips in an almost feral kiss. Kurt arched up, his body seeking delicious friction against Sebastian’s. The action earned Kurt a moan from Sebastian’s lips. As much as Kurt was enjoying Sebastian’s attentions if the man didn’t start doing something more than mere teasing soon, all bets would be off and he would turn the fucking tables and show Sebastian true pleasurable torture.

"Want you…" Kurt breathed between the kisses.

"You have me."

"Please ‘Bas."

"Please, what?"

"Touch, taste… take… fucking do something more than tease…" Kurt demands, his voice rough with the desire he feels.

Sebastian lets out a dark chuckle at Kurt’s loss of control. He allows his body to dip down, to for one glorious moment press down against Kurt’s and of course to effectively pin Kurt to the bed. “My pleasure.” Sebastian purrs against Kurt’s ear.

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