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Life After Lima (Part 27)

Warning for Mature Content Within

Of course there was one small thing that had to be dealt with before Sebastian could actually start on all the wicked things his mind wanted to do to Kurt. The name of the game was even ground and currently, the playing field was not level as it should be. Sebastian gently nipped the lobe of Kurt’s ear and then slowly moved away from him. As predicted, Kurt’s gaze quickly moved to focus on the retreating form of his boyfriend. An eyebrow arched, a sharp look in his eyes somewhere between bitch please and oh no you didn’t and the slightest down turning of Kurt’s lips showed Sebastian that maybe he should have said something.

Instead, Sebastian just levels a smirk at Kurt and locks eyes with him… He then draws Kurt’s attention from his eyes down - down - down, until they can follow the fingers that are teasing the waistband of Sebastian’s silk boxers. That bitchy look suddenly softens, though Kurt’s eyes darken - and Kurt licks his lips. He settles back, lounging almost smugly, his arms now folded behind his head as he watches Sebastian expectantly.

Sebastian cannot help but chuckle at the sudden shift in Kurt. There was never going to be a dull moment between them - of this much Sebastian was certain. There was something very sexy about the heated way Kurt was looking at Sebastian. The pale countertenor looked fit to devour his boyfriend if the intensity of that indescribable gaze was anything to go by.

Sebastian smirked even more so then and with a very well practiced and easy motion was divested of his boxers. The fluidity of the motion caught Kurt off guard and he was left blinking in amazement at the varied talents of one Sebastian Smythe. That awe lasted only one heartbeat - maybe two before Kurt’s eyes took in the full of his boyfriend’s form. It was impressive. Sebastian Smythe’s body was well honed - the musculature not bulky but so very well defined… Kurt felt a distinct urge to lick along the definition…oh yes.

He would have to do that at some point. Not now though. Right now, he was caught in the moment. He was drinking in the sight of toned, well muscled calves and thighs - shaped from years of Lacrosse training and whatever other regimen Sebastian adhered to. Kurt resisted the urge to giggle when Sebastian did a little slow turn for him. God that ass. Most guys tended to have very flat backsides but Sebastian’s was just as well defined as the rest of him and damn if that wasn’t sexy as hell.

The planes of his back? Forget about it. Kurt wanted to taste every muscled line of Sebastian’s back too. It was quite clear that this might just be becoming a thing with that - the whole licking along the muscled lines of Sebastian’s body. As for Sebastian’s endowment? Well he could never again claim that Sebastian had nothing to be cocky about. He most certainly did and how. Idly, Kurt wondered how Sebastian would taste and licked his lips absently at the thought. He forced himself to allow his gaze to flicker over the rest of his boyfriend’s gorgeous body.

God he had that vee, the really defined cut that led southwards… Kurt was overcome with the desire to nibble at that line and swallowed hard to get himself back under control. Sculpted abs, defined pecs… Okay it was just really not fucking fair that Sebastian had to be built like a Greek god. But he was definitely going to enjoy the benefits of that… He couldn’t keep the rampant hunger out of his gaze.

“Like what you see?” Sebastian inquires, a knowing smirk upon his lips.

Kurt arches a brow and manages to keep a relatively neutral expression on his face when he quips, “Perhaps…” in response. He was still lounging in a repose, arms behind his head as he just watched Sebastian.

Sebastian just chuckles at the almost flippant response, knowing somehow that Kurt doesn’t really mean it. He’d seen the way his boyfriend had practically been devouring him with his eyes. He began to move back towards the bed and a wicked idea struck him as he took in Kurt’s position. He moved closer to Kurt, and traced along the countertenor’s arms. Kurt shifted and moved his arms from beneath his head to give Sebastian better access.

The moment he did, Sebastian’s hand caught his wrists and pinned them firmly above his head. Holy hell that was… well far more thrilling a sensation than Kurt had been anticipating. His body was once more caught in a surge of lust. His eyes snapped up to meet Sebastian’s and the fire in Kurt’s gaze caught Sebastian very off guard for a moment.

Then, Sebastian’s lips were crashing into Kurt’s as Sebastian laid claim to Kurt’s mouth. Sebastian nipped lightly at Kurt’s bottom lip and got lost in the kiss for a while. Eventually the kiss broke and Sebastian’s eyes once more locked with Kurt’s.

“Keep your arms just like that. Feel free to whimper and moan accordingly but your hands stay there - for now.” Sebastian growls in a lusty tone.

Kurt’s mouth felt dry and he struggled to swallow but finally manages to say, “Okay.”

If Kurt had thought that Sebastian’s teasing had been torturous before… he’d clearly had no idea as to what he’d been talking about. Sebastian’s hands roamed over Kurt’s body, the touch more firm - more possessive the second time around. The skin on Sebastian’s hands was rough but not overly so - just enough to provide a contrast of sensation against Kurt’s silken skin. It was delicious.

Just when Kurt was about to start demanding more contact, Sebastian’s hand finally - finally stroked over Kurt’s achingly hard arousal. Kurt gasped and arched up in to the touch. As Sebastian worked, though he kept his attentions light and fleeting enough to be maddening and not truly satisfying, - he kissed his way down Kurt’s body. He intermittently nipped and licked as he descended, inspiring a wide array of whimpers and moans from his boyfriend. And if there were a mark or two left from the resulting attentions paid - well they could all be covered with clothing so hopefully Kurt wouldn’t get too upset.

Sebastian kept looking back up to Kurt’s face, enjoying the myriad of responses pouring forth from his boyfriend’s lips. It would seem that Kurt was physically hypersensitive to some degree as all of the touching - teasing - caressing seemed to have a much more profound effect on Kurt than it had on other lovers. Not that Sebastian was complaining - because he loved all of those responses - they just made him even more aroused and focused on his goal. So why would he complain?

Kurt was doing well to keep his hands where they’d been commanded right up until Sebastian’s mouth finally made its way to where Kurt wanted it most. He’d barely caught himself before one arm moved so his hand could thread itself through Sebastian’s hair… Dear gods his boyfriend’s mouth was unfairly talented. He was barely doing more than licking and kissing along that prominent vein and already Kurt was breathless.

Lips wrapped around that cherry shaped head and Kurt felt like he was going to lose his mind. Most of his previous lovers had not been nearly so attentive, nor so eager to repay the oral affections in kind. Kurt had begun to think that he must be odd for how much he enjoyed giving oral pleasure to his lovers. It seemed he was mistaken and had only had selfish lovers before. Sure, Blaine would reciprocate but with no where near the dedication and enjoyment that Sebastian was bringing to the task. Sad that this difference was so apparent with so little example to compare.

However, that limited information was quickly becoming far less limited. Sebastian took his time of course, lavishing that singular point with a great deal of attention. The sensation of his tongue swirling around, alternating with the delicious suction pulled whimpers and moans all too easily from Kurt’s lips. When Sebastian started taking more and more of Kurt’s length into his mouth, Kurt couldn’t help but arch off the bed a little as the electric sensation jolted clear up his spine. “Oh Bas!” He gasped.

His hands were still above his head but his hands were desperately clutching at the pillow as Sebastian began sucking him in earnest. Sebastian was very skilled… very, very skilled. He kept the pressure varied and used his hands in a maddening tandem. Kurt felt overly sensitive which was saying something considering his sense of touch was heightened normally. A chorus of sounds fell freely from his lips. He tried to keep from bucking his hips but it was so difficult because what Sebastian was doing felt so good.

And the little bit of thrusting Kurt did didn’t seem to hinder Sebastian in anyway. Then, when Kurt felt Sebastian’s lips kiss his pelvis it was game over. He couldn’t even warn Sebastian, couldn’t even brace for the orgasm that suddenly tore through him. No man he’d ever been with had ever done that… and the intensity of the sensation was just too much for Kurt to endure. Sebastian seemed to have known what that action was going to do however because he just kept right on doing what he’d been doing.

Sebastian kept up his oral ministrations until Kurt came down from the intense peak he’d been pushed over. Then slowly, Sebastian allowed Kurt to slip from his lips. He sat back up and took in how positively wrecked Kurt looked and decided he liked the view. Kurt was panting, trying desperately to catch his breath. He was trembling and it almost felt like there were some faint aftershocks still rippling through his body. If Sebastian could accomplish that with just his mouth how the hell was Kurt going to survive sex with him?

Sebastian laid down beside Kurt and gently moved the countertenor’s arms back down to his sides. He gently ran his hands over the arm nearest to him, soothing Kurt with the motion. He leaned in so that his voice and warm breath could ghost over Kurt’s ear. “How are you feeling?” He inquires, his tone soft, gentle and still aroused.

Kurt’s lashes fluttered against his cheeks as he opened his eyes. “So…. good.” Was all he could say and his tone was as wrecked as he looked. His voice somewhat hoarse from all the sounds Sebastian had inspired him to make.

Kurt’s mind was still reeling - it was still trying to catch up with his body. The oral sex had been very mind blowing if he was going to be completely honest about it. And though he had met his release, all it had truly accomplished was whetting his appetite for Sebastian. He was suddenly wishing that they hadn’t agreed to not have sex tonight because after that? He really wanted to. He was soft right now, but the desire was still awake inside of him and that startled him a little. It was a very new experience for him… but he liked it and wouldn’t be surprised if it became addictive.

"God I want you, ‘Bas." Kurt admits.

"Feeling is mutual, K." Sebastian says with a smile.

"Why did we agree to no sex?" Kurt inquires.

"Because it’s the right thing to do. We haven’t been together long and sure, we both want it…but we should have a little restraint."

"Don’t want to have restraint anymore." Kurt says with a little pout.

Sebastian chuckles. “Next time K.”

"So… tomorrow then?" Kurt inquires.

"Sorry I have ethics and two core classes tomorrow. It’s my long day. I get to sleep in but I also don’t get to return to my apartment until well into the evening." Sebastian says apologetically.

"Well… as soon as I can move again… you are so getting yours." Kurt says in an almost purr.

"Why can’t you move?" Sebastian inquires with a smirk,

"My body won’t respond to the commands I give it. I think you turned me to jello - temporarily anyway." Kurt chuckles.

"Mmm jello.."


"You love it."

"I suppose I do. God you’re so good at that."

"Practice helps and a refusal to be anything less than perfect at the things I set myself to doing."

"Well that was the best oral sex I’ve ever had in my life… so you’re aware."

"Good to know. But are you so sure it’s wise to stroke my ego, K?"

"I may have to keep it up if you’ll keep turning me to jello like that."

"Mmm so totally noted." Sebastian purrs.

They laid there, basking in the afterglow of Kurt’s orgasm for a while. Sebastian’s fingertips ghosting over Kurt’s form, sparking off a new series of tiny electric shocks that felt oh so good. Everything between them was just so intense. At least Kurt had finally gotten his breathing back under control. He had also regained normal feeling back in his legs. They’d gone kind of tingly numb for the first few moments after the orgasm. He’d never hit one that hard in his life - especially not from just oral sex. Mind boggled.

"So… are you done tasting and learning my body for now?" Kurt inquires.

"Perhaps… why do you ask?"

"I would like to reciprocate and I don’t want you stopping me because you’re not finished with me yet. So if I’m not going to be allowed to reciprocate without interruption I’ll wait." Kurt replies.

"Move over then. " Sebastian says with a smirk.

In a graceful movement, Kurt is suddenly out of the center of the bed and standing next to it. His experience dancing showing just a little. He wondered if Kurt somehow kept up with it even if he hadn’t been to Brittany’s dance studio yet. Didn’t matter at the moment, but Sebastian could totally appreciate the grace with which Kurt moved. For now however, he shifted over, settling into the center of the bed.

"So, how do you want me?" Sebastian asks.

"Oh so many openings in that question." Kurt teases.

"Still a valid question though." Sebastian retorts.

"Lay back and enjoy… for now."

"Promises - promises."

"I never break a promise, Sebastian."

"Well then, get on with it." Sebastian teases.

"Patience, Sebastian. Turn about is fair play after all." Kurt chuckles.

"No. No K. Turn about is foreplay in this moment."

"Perhaps. Now shush or I’m going to leave you there." Kurt warns playfully.

Sebastian raised his hands in an ‘I give in’ gesture and laid back fully. Kurt smirked and his mind quickly went through the various things he could do to Sebastian… So many good things to do, so little time. He didn’t want to take too long but he did want to enjoy his boyfriend’s body. And the temptation to kiss and lick every muscled line was too strong to resist. He set a loose game plan in his head - letting the silence and lack of action build Sebastian’s anticipation all the more.

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